Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman and the new attractiveness

Undoubtedly, when we think about what a woman should invest in to look attractive, we think about cosmetics, hairdresser, makeup and nice clothing. A good overall can give impressive results, on the outside. The perfect wonder woman with the perfect hairstyle, the perfect makeup, and matching accessories. She will make huge efforts to walk flawlessly on her high heels, move elegantly in her uncomfortable but impressive clothes, powder her face every hour to wipe away the sweat and smile at each moment. At the end of the day, she will come home exhausted, will throw away her shoes, wipe off her make up, take off the false eyelashes, until the next day, when this whole ceremony will start again. Day after day.

Is this the only way to look attractive? The answer is ‘yes’, this is the only way to “look” attractive, but it’s not the way to actually “be” and “feel” attractive. Let’s speak about Wonder Woman: True, Gal Gadot was Miss Israel, she is beautiful, tall, skinny and attractive. In the movie, however, the “decorative” aspect is clearly shown as grotesque and absurd; “how can a woman fight in this (her comment after wearing the tight skirt the saleswoman made her try on)?”.

Towards the end of the movie Wonder Woman steals a light blue evening dress from one of the ladies at the party to “mislead” the people around her and throws it away as soon as she wants to turn back to being herself.

Wonder Woman is strong, self-confident, beautiful and irresistible because she is HERSELF. Her fighting skills in the movie are a metaphor for willpower, independence, determination and truth. Her being so straightforward is a message that says “what do we need all this theatrical way of living for?”.

When I have to approve the designs of my activewear shirts or workout pants collections I always say to myself: “It’s beautiful, I like it, but can I fight in this?” If the answer is “yes” a new model to the Sportswear collection is born.

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