Womens Fitness Wear- Staying fit when you are over 40

Once a 40 years old woman was considered old. Who spoke about womens fitness wear, unique running pants, gym tops and sports outfits? The world belonged to the young ones and activewear brands barely existed. Today? Life starts at 40 dear ladies! This is the age we women, start feeling self-confident, we enjoy and appreciate the essence of life, we are financially independent and can afford to invest in buying cool sports apparel. Nevertheless, some important changes occur in our bodies and it wouldn’t be right to ignore them. Our body is the mirror of our soul and it’s there to tell us what needs to be done to maintain it toned, strong, beautiful and healthy.

What happens to our body after 40?fitness-wear

  • Important, but gradual hormonal changes occur
  • Our metabolism slows down and tells us that our body needs a new rhythm
  • Our body changed as a consequence of pregnancies and births
  • Muscular tone, skin elasticity and the shape of our body change due to age
  • We may develop some intolerance to certain foods and may need to adapt our diets

I exercise twice a week, why isn’t my body in shape and why don’t I feel comfortable in my fitness wear?

The million dollar question! We would love to wear those yoga pants or that really cool workout top from our collection of women’s fitness wear. But we fear it won’t look good on us. We train two-three times a week, so why isn’t our body shaped the way we would like it to be? Why don’t my sports clothes fit me? Have heard many women say “I jog three times a week for half an hour or more and I don’t lose weight”. Or, I go to the gym twice a week and can’t get rid of that fat on my belly!

The answer is: CORRECT TRAINING!

First of all, let’s distinguish between fat burning and body shaping. These are two different goals and the means to reach them are different. Aerobic work (like running or cycling) will train your heart and lungs, can help maintain your weight and it will burn calories, but it will not shape your body. Power work, on the other hand, (working with weights and against resistance) will shape your muscles and body and will make them stronger, but you will not burn fat or lose weight.

Therefore, it is important to plan your workout correctly. A good training plan includes both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, to be done 2-3 times a week and to be adapted gradually to your body’s fitness level; if lifting a 2 kg weight or running 15 minutes on a trade mill is too easy, the parameters must be raised, in order not to get stuck with progress.



What about diet? Needless to say that it becomes harder to burn those extra calories. After 40 carbs must be reduced and proteins and vegetables must take their place. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean we have to cut out sweet treats completely. Once in a while, a good cake is just what we needed.




Conclusion: start living well, allow yourself to indulge in trendy fitness wear, make sure your training program is structured correctly, eat healthy, but don’t forget to enjoy life in whatever you do!

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