Italian Activewear Fashion Straight From Milan
Who We Are

Alba Empowered is Feminine elegant activewear is a unique brand that combines comfort and style perfectly. Our design, fabrics and unique decorative elements come straight from Milan. Our activewear shirts, pants and elegant outfits are meant for the sophisticated woman who wishes to look awesome at the gym and out. Italian style, fabrics and design make our activewear clothing special and unique.

Fashion, Empowerment and Inspiration
About the Owner
Rachel Katzin, 42 years old, a wife, a mother of three and a martial arts instructor. Born and grew up in Milan, Italy, where her parents had a knitwear factory. Rachel is an international woman, who lived in six different countries, speaks five languages and loves elegance and comfort. The idea was born to create a line of activewear that will combine comfort, coziness and elegance. Women want to feel free in their movements, but look feminine and classy. We are at our best when we like ourselves.
Feel empowered, look empowered, empower others!
Our Vision
Our brand aims at giving expression to all women's femininity and self-accomplishment through the power of sports. Sport has become a powerful self-accomplishment tool for all women of all ages (ironman, marathons, spinning, kickbox, etc.). You don't need the perfect body to feel stunning, you need the perfect style. Our activewear clothing are meant for every type of body and are designed to take the best from your looks. Our high quality technical fabrics offer comfort, flexibility, and a cozy feeling on your skin.