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Personal safety tips for the summer vacation for you and your kids

The summer has arrived, our kids are no longer in school, they start hanging out with their friends, jogging or running, swimming, shopping, beach, restaurants, bars, day and night. And we? We put a location detector app in their phone, so that we can see at each moment where they are, we stay up late until they come home and we want to know where they are, with whom and to do what at each moment. Now let’s be honest: does that make us feel better? If something happens and we are not there with our kids, what can we do to help them?? As parents, we dream about being there at each moment to protect our kids from the world, but we all know that it’s not possible. Therefore, it is our DUTY to give our kids the tools to protect themselves, to avoid danger and to stay safe. Needless to say that I personally think that all parents should send their kids to some kind of self-defense or personal safety seminar or course; even if very basic, even if it’s a three hours seminar. Awareness is the first (and very important) step to safety. Until that happens, here are some safety tips you can give your kids before they start their summer vacation:

  • Jogging: don’t jog alone, stay in populated and illuminated areas, keep the volume of your music low enough to hear what is going on in your surrounding.
  • Drinking: needless to say don’t get drunk. At a bar, don’t loose sight of your drink. Always have a friend “babysit” your drink if you need to go to the bathroom or if you go dancing. If lost sight of it and none of your friends kept an eye on it order a new one. There are special straws that detect drugs when put inside a drink. You may consider using them.
  • Parking: if your kids drive, avoid parking lots, but if you have to park in a parking lot, try to park near the exit. Hold your car keys in your hand while walking to the car. Briefly screen the area around your car before entering it, and inside it to make sure no one is inside. Lock it once you’re inside.
  • Senses: use your senses to understand if someone is in your proximity. Smell of cigarettes, alcohol, perfume or sweat are indications that someone is or was there earlier. Stay alert.
  • Phone: no texting or talking on the phone while you walk. If you need to speak on the phone or text, stop in a place where you cannot be surprised from behind or unexpectedly and make sure you still perceive what is going on around you.

Feel free to contact me or comment if you have any further questions.

Wish you all a great and safe summer!




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