Marina di Guardo

Marina di Guardo #empoweredcelebs

Have you ever thought that celebrities could also be empowered? Marina di Guardo wearing an Alba activewear shirt.she is my empoweredcelebs!

Marina di Guardo is a 55 years old Italian writer who followed her passion for writing, wrote books that became best sellers in Italy, the last of which is a thriller that deals with violence against women. As a martial arts and self defense instructor, I felt right away a special connection with Marina and felt very inspired by her book “Com’è giusto che sia” (The way it should be).

To me, Marina is the incarnation of class, beauty, kindness, elegance, empowerment, femininity and so much more. A real empowered celebrity, a woman with authentic values for life and family, a respectful person, a successful mother who raised three beautiful and successful daughters, one of them is fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni. When there is love inside a family all the rest comes easily. Thank you, Marina, for being such an inspiration to us.

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One thought on “Marina di Guardo #empoweredcelebs

  1. Rebecca says:

    Belle parole, brava Rachele e brava Marina

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