Athletic wear – How to wear it and still look attractive?

We live in a time where athletic wear and athleisure have become a popular culture in our world, and a dominant one at that. The phenomenon is so trendy, that the paparazzi yearn to catch and display famous celebrities roaming about in their yoga pants and amazing gym wear. The glamorous world of showbiz has had us believing that we can look totally cool and dazzling in our active wear too.

Blame your new designer sportswear or your New Year resolution for it, but there are quite a few reasons why sports and gym have actually become a dominant and favorable part of our daily routine. It is undeniable that gym helps us stay fit in our busy and hectic daily routine. So is it possible for us to look attractive even in our sportswear or is it just Gigi Hadid or Kylie Jenner who can pull it off? With the new emerging trendy active wear brands available today, it seems we can all manage to look incredibly attractive in our sportswear. Even if you don’t want to work out, but you wish to wear your sportswear casually, fitness is in. And so are its supporting collections.

Fitness is fashionable. So consider it an emerging trend to wear your workout outfit throughout the day. Whether it’s your sports bra or your yoga pants, or a flattering set of jog leggings; it is all accurate to show off while you head out to a café or casually hang out with your friends.

Bear in mind there are some golden tips that can help you manage to pull off your sportswear dress anywhere, anytime and look amazingly stunning in it too. Consider the following thoughts:


  1. Keep up with the trends:

Gone are the days when sports or fitness wear did not have any trends. It was usually all black and dark or T-shirts up until a decade ago. Today, fitness wear has trends. Our busy lifestyles can take us from the gym to errands or out to lunch, so the styles have become cute and versatile, but entirely functional for your workouts. That’s why it was adopted so easily as a fashion trend. It’s how women dress today.

  1. Mix fashion and fitness:

Sometimes all it takes is a cute workout outfit to get you motivated to getting into shape, while putting your athletic wear to good use throughout the day; after-gym-hours. Remember to look out for those gems that will flatter you and support you in both work and leisure. The slick and loose yoga pants, the 2-colored-tops with a unique cut, and even active wear accessories that can complete the trendy look we yearn for and you can find it in our collection of elegant tank tops.


  1. Accessorize with care:

A single piece of accessory can make your attire stand out and make it appear even more stunning and wonderful. Just like a pair of pearl earrings can sparkle up your formal wear gown, a simple accessory can give you the perfect sporty look in style. Likewise it can take you from gym style to street style. The accessories that you choose to wear with your fitness wear, matter a lot. It is a great idea to add cool shades or leather jacket to your attire. A leather jacket looks remarkably well with a sports bra. A simple shirt, tied to the waist can also add spark to your attire. Just make sure that it does not take away the sporty feel from you. Keep your accessories matched and appropriate.

  1. Sticking to Neutral athletic wear can be Good:

There’s also a recommended rule of thumb for women in their late 40’s and 50’s; use the KISS metrics (a.k.a Keep It Simple Stupid). Experimenting with the latest fashion tides and cuts can become exhausting at a certain age and stage off our lives. Selecting the right type of active wear brands enables us to stick with the basics. And there’s always the fact the gym wear is known to make us look and feel young and trendy. Beyond that, it’s the comfortable; loose; all-sizes-are-right-for-it principles of the gym wear styles that will stop you from doubting yourself about how it will look on you. Catering to all ages and body types.


It seems that the athletic wear’s blessing is that it lets you look attractive in your gym wear too.

And it’s not only the celebrities who can pull it off now; Today’s sportswear trend sends out a clear message: you can do it too. The comfy clothes and fabrics make it seem as simple as it sounds, enabling the modern woman to show off her gym style and wear anywhere, anytime, while still managing to look stunning!

The inspiration the new and trendy active wear brands came from women’s desire to have clothes that seamlessly take them from workouts, to errands, to work and beyond…. As many become more passionate about health and fitness, it becomes an exciting opportunity to offer women a wardrobe that will move with them and encourage them to stay the path of leading an active lifestyle.


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